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  • In English
  • Version: 0.21.1

Free Open Source QuickBASIC Compiler

FreeBASIC hands a full set of development tools to QuickBASIC programmers, none of which are restricted by platform, and the in-built compiler supports building for Windows, Linux and Xbox. Using GNU Binary Utilities, The program allows developers to create GUI and console apps, providing guidance through some detailed - though not always easy to follow - tutorials.

scope of development

The QuickBASIC language itself has a range of applications, including both games and utility apps. Developers have produced 2-dimensional platformers in the same style as big name games such as Zelda and Pokémon, point-and-click adventures, and even 3D pilot simulations. FreeBASIC has QuickBASIC-compatible support for graphics, however the backend uses popular DirectX on Windows machines, and OpenGL on Linux OS. This cross-platform support means that there are more developers and resources for new users to draw from.

bottom line

Though it relies on the contributions of developers as an open source resource, FreeBASIC has the benefits of being free to use and compatible with multiple platforms. The compiler has its own built-in graphics, though there are some functions that will require another IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to be installed. Tutorials are sometimes tricky to follow, but the community has forums, with many people on hand for support.


  • Not platform restricted
  • Builds on other BASIC languages


  • Tutorials aren't great
  • Xbox version no longer maintained


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FreeBASIC 0.21.1 for PC


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